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I'm a writer, born in Edinburgh in 1942. In 1957 my family moved to Bathgate, West Lothian. I married Jane in 1966, and we lived in Bathgate and then Mid Calder before moving to Dunbar in 2000.

I was a professional librarian, serving ten years in public libraries, then fifteen years
as the Edinburgh Librarian of the British Geological Survey, after getting an Open University degree in Maths and Science, with a Distinction in Geology and Geochemistry. In 1988 I became Chief Librarian of the Royal Botanic Garden, and later took on several roles in senior management, planning and information services, before retiring in 2002. I have a PhD from the University of Strathclyde (1991) for research on the communication process in science.

Along the way, I've chaired the Boards of the Scottish Poetry Library, the StAnza Poetry Festival. and Dunbar's CoastWord Festival.

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Red Squirrel Press launched Swept Together; selected and new poems, in July 2022 at the Scottish Poetry Library,
marking my 80th birthday. It's available from the website. It's my 10th book of poems, and my 13th book overall.

Cover design by Gerry Cambridge.

These days, I'm writing much less, and getting even fewer poems published.

My ninth poetry book, The Night I Danced With Maya, was published in 2017, on my 75th
birthday. It's available from the Red Squirrel Press website.

In 2023 I stepped down as editor of Postbox: Scotland's international short story magazine,
after editing the first nine issues. Here's the cover of the 9th issue:


My 3rd collection of short stories, Long Shorts, was published by Postbox Press
and is available from the Red Squirrel Press

Long Shorts cover

It contains mainly longer short stories, along with some shorter ones for variety. The subjects,
treatments and settings vary widely, but they are still all about people and situations,
subjects I never get tired of..

My publications are available post-free in the UK from Red Squirrel Press, and
are stocked by Dunbar Arts and Crafts for local purchasers.

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